Tract and Ordering Details

Currently out of stock

*English language (Spanish coming soon!)

*8.5″ X 11″ tri-fold tract


*Full color front and back

*Glossy paper

*Approximately 2,000 words

*Theologically-rich and Christ-centered

*Affix your own contact label or stamp in the provided space on the back of tract

*The QR code links to Steve Lawson’s message from the 2007 Resolved Conference, titled “It Will Cost You Everything

*Payments received through Paypal, Google Wallet, or by money order.

*All orders are shipped USPS 2-3 day Priority Flat rate.

Savings are in the shipping cost as quantities purchased increase

$8 for 100 ($15 U.S. shipped)

$15 for 200 ($28 U.S. shipped)

$23 for 300 ($36 U.S. shipped)

$31 for 400 ($44 U.S. shipped)

$38 for 500 ($51 U.S. shipped)

$46 for 600 ($59 U.S. shipped)

$53 for 700 ($72 U.S. shipped)

$61 for 800 ($80 U.S. shipped)

$68 for 900 ($87 U.S. shipped)

$76 for 1,000 ($95 U.S. shipped) (Best savings!)

*We are happy to offer larger orders and provide international shipping.*


dykh---8.5X11-TRIFOLD-IN (1)


dykh---8.5X11-TRIFOLD-IN (1)

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